We are one of the earliest Fan Manufactures in India. We have entered Fan Business in the year 1996 & have emerged as one of the favorites choice of all variety of consumers in market. We offer a wide range of models and colours spectrum to choose from.

Jayafans Industries stands alone in its approach to the design, engineering and manufacturing of ceiling fan. Every detail is given meticulous attention from design to components and manufacturing to ease of installation. Our attention to detail adds value to every fan, providing unprecedented performance for the life of your investment. All the processes in the manufacturing of ceiling table fans are in-house for better quality control.

Our products have emerged as the preferred choice through out India. The core essence of its success lies in its strong relationship with its associates,the ability to change quickly and work efficiently on research and development


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  • Aluminium motorbody and Aluminium blades.
  • Heavy motor with low power Consumption technology.
  • Double ball bearing.
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